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KANINE Software was the first K9 tracking software to integrate GPS K9 Tracking functionality for it’s users. We have a strong dedication to providing outstanding, even world renowned, GPS Track mapping functionality, allowing our users to document their K9 tracks directly within our software. Our goal is simply to leverage existing GPS mapping technologies to make the mapping process as simple and functional as possible. And now, our mapping has gotten even better, with a new GPS datalogger and new software that allows the user to easily download the maps and clear the map data from the unit when finished. We are proud to announce that over the course of summer 2012, we researched and tested a new GPS tracking unit for our users. As a result, we now support both the iBlue BT 747A+ as well as the Navin Minihomer. These new units offer more in track functionality than ever before As part of our commitment to our customers, we have worked closely with the manufacturer of these units to allow our units to have special functionality to better suit our K9 customers, making sure that our customers have all of the tools that they need for K9 track mapping. We have also developed special software that enables users to easily download their maps without installing any 3rd party software. Current KANINE 5.0 users can access this functionality by installing our ‘KANINE GPS Downloader’ software. However, this same functionality will be built into the new KANINE Visual Pro software that is coming soon.
Even in heavy forest, our GPS units provide easy and accurate K9 Track documentation.