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KANINE Visual Pro
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GPS Unit Functionality Overview
We did the research and testing for you. Then, we developed the software to make it as easy as the click of a button.
Our Navin GPS units are easy to use and allow the K9 handlers to easily record their Training and Deployment K9 tracks. These units provide a wealth of on-screen information to the handler during the track to include remaining memory and battery levels as well as distance traveled. Some of the unit’s functionality is listed below.
Track path logging Point of interest marking (mark locations where evidence is found) On screen compass, speed, altitude, track distance, remaining, battery life, remaining memory, time and current coordinates. Guide-you-back feature (Handlers can mark up to 4 locations and the unit will guide them back) Free marking feature (Manually input coordinates and the unit will guide you to the coordinates, telling you direction and distance) IPX6 waterproof design.
We invested a lot of time and money to develop a GPS system that would tightly integrate the perfect unit with custom software, built in-house. The results are an easy to use GPS unit and an equally easy to use track download software component. We’ve found that these units are robust, reliable and eerily accurate. We’ve also worked closely with the manufacturer to implement special functionality so that we can provide our customers with units that fit their needs as K9 trackers. In short, we’ve done the research, asked the questions and performed the field testing, so that you don’t have to. Your team will literally love what these units will do for them.