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KANINE 5.0 Non Web Based K9 Software
America’s Favorite K9 Software
KANINE 5.0 continues to be our best seller serving thousands of users.
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KANINE 5.0 is perfect for those agencies that want court

tested reports and exportable records that in

environments where an Internet connection is not always


Tried, true and tested.

KANINE 5.0 is built using the latest .Net technologies, but does not require an Internet connection to run. Built using the latest .Net technologies, KANINE 5.0 stores the users data locally in an ever reliable Access database and allows users to export their records to an agency server so that supervisors can view and print records entered by all handlers. Fast and easy setup KANINE Version 5.0 is easy to setup and the easiest of our software solutions to get your handlers up and running fast, and away from pen and paper based record keeping. Version 5.0 currently has the most available help with in software, web based and video based help to steer users in the right direction. Cheapest cost to own Because KANINE 5.0 does not rely on expensive software or servers on our side, we are able to keep the costs low on yours. KANINE is currently our only software package that can be purchased with a one time fee of only $150.00 per license. No monthly or yearly fees.
Easy to install, no internet required to run.
Simple setup, lowest cost, most trusted
Get KANINE 5.0 software up and running for your agency in just minutes
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