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Renewal information will generally be e-mailed within 24 hours of purchase.
Renew an expiring or expired KANINE Visual Pro License

Licensing pricing has changed to simplify the purchase and renewal

process. All licenses, regardless of the number you are purchasing or

the number of years you are purchasing for, are now set at $50.00 per

user/per year. You can renew for either one or three years and can

select the number of licenses to purchase once you click the Buy Now

button. If you cannot use our on-line renew, please see our alternate

renewal instructions below.

E-Mail renewal

Alternatively, you can simply e-mail your renewal request to

support@codebluedesigns.com and we will process your renewal and e-mail

you an invoice. Simply advise the number of licenses to renew, the length of

renewal (1-3 years) and the email address that you want the invoice sent to.

Note about KANINE SIX:

KANINE Visual Pro licensing is now completely transferable to KANINE SIX licensing, when it is released. So basically, if

you are licensed for KANINE Visual Pro, you are already licensed for KANINE SIX.