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Learn how to download your map using our special software.
KANINE Visual Pro
The leader in K9 GPS software.
Using the KANINE GPS Downloader
Our KANINE GPS Downloader will turn your raw K9 Track data into a professional track map.
These are the suggested steps for downloading your recorded maps. Enter your deployment or training record in the KANINE Software, if applicable. When finished, shrink the KANINE Software and plug your GPS Unit into your computer and power it on. Run the KANINE GPS Downloader application. If the GPS unit is plugged in and turned on, the software should automatically locate the correct Com Port to communicate with the unit. If you run the software before plugging in the unit, simply click the ‘Scan Ports’ button to have the software find the correct Com Port for your unit. Select the appropriate GPS unit type that you are downloading from. The Navin unit is selected by default. Adjust the Track opacity, Track width and Track color from the provided selection lists. Click the ‘Download Map’ button and wait for your map to be displayed. NOTE: You must have an Internet connection for the software to be able to properly display the map. Zoom in or adjust the map as necessary so that the entire map fits on the screen. To export the map image to your KANINE Software record click the ‘Copy and Save Map’ button. You will receive a ‘Save as’ prompt asking where you would like to save the map HTML file to. By default, this location is set to save to your KANINE GPS_Files folder, if it is present. Additionally, this function copies the map image to memory so that KANINE can import the image of the map  and attach it to the desired record. Now, expand your KANINE software screen and click the ‘Paste Map from Clipboard’ button. An image of your map will be imported into the KANINE GPS screen. Now, select the record that you want to attach the map to in the drop down list in the top right corner of the KANINE software GPS screen and then click the ‘Attach Displayed Map Image to Record’ button. The map image is now attached to the selected record. You can also load the original map, if desired, from the list of maps at the left side of the KANINE software GPS screen.
NOTE: GPS mapping functionality in the upcoming KANINE Visual Pro will include more functionality and will be built into the main KANINE Visual Pro system so that installation of the KANINE GPS Downloader software will no longer be necessary. Additionally, more functionality may be added to the stand alone KANINE GPS Downloader over the coming weeks. Notifications of these new releases will appear on the main screen of the KANINE GPS Downloader as they are available. Video tutorials will be coming soon as well.
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